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Kagurazaka, Asuna (神楽坂 明日菜)
17 April 2010 @ 09:15 pm
[When the feed flickers on, the PCD is in an interesting place--somehow, whoever had it has propped it up on its side, so the image is tilted. However, it's not too close to whomever owns it, as you can get a pretty good view of the owner's rather interesting attire. The red hair may be vaguely familiar, but the mismatched eyes are soulless. Dead. The light's reflecting on them in a slightly abnormal manner, as well...]

[It's almost as if she's lost in thought.]

[After a rather tense silence, her voice murmurs something. A name, perhaps? Oh, if only you could listen again. Thankfully, her mouth produces the word again, this time audible.]


[To residents who've been around for awhile, her voice may ping as familiar--maybe, possibly. It seems she's calling for someone who's likely not there...in any case, you can see her hands tense, gripping onto her elaborate dress.]